Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reconnected Live out on cd today 09/28/10

Reconnected Live - Yazoo 

'Reconected Live' is a 2 cd set documenting the group's live performance of all of their songs from their brief time together.

They met at 21, recorded 2 albums, did about 2 dozen concerts and then parted ways, breaking my heart completely. I used to spend countless hours, In My Room, listening to Vince Clarke's amazing synth soundscapes and Alison Moyet's incredibly soulful voice, getting lost in the pre-MTV videos that would play out in my head.

I think you could walk to the moon on the list of projects Vince has had his hands in and the musicians that he has influenced. The man, in my opinion, is the reason the synth was invented. He was one of the originators of Depeche Mode, y'know.

Then, there's that voice. Alison's sultry, bluesy/rhaspy I-just-woke-up-and-now-let-me-sing-for-you voice, It demands attention but never overpowers the music.

The beauty of it all is that when you listen to this cd, it's like it never ended. They've never forgotten how beautiful they were together. It seems as though they've been secretly meeting in a basement playing together, for fun, for the last 28 years. Now it's out for the world to hear and to quote Yazoo; "...Don't it make you feel good?"

Oh, yes it does, Trust me, I'm a DJ...

You can read all about them and listen to selected tracks from Reconnected Live at the official Yazoo/Yaz website.

You can read my memories of me and Yaz in the early 80's if you are so inclined @ My Musings of Yaz

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