Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My musings on Yazoo and what they meant to me...

Yes, this is like 12 year old girl stuff:

  • I thought the album cover for Upstairs at Eric's was creepy/sexy and that is what got my attention:

  • I always wondered what Alison Moyet sounded like over the telephone and secretly wished she'd call me.

  • I made it my mission that year to ensure everyone heard Situation. No, not just heard it but understood it.

  • I wanted to shave my head like Vince, but was only brave enough to clipper it down to a #3, leaving the front long and a tail in the back. (but I was happy with it.)

  • You could tell which games were my faves in the arcades by the initals YAZ on the screen. (Millepede, Joust, Frogger, Dig Dug, Q-bert, Paperboy)

  • I hated that they had to shorten their name in America because of a Floridian Little Leauge team with the same name, and swore I was going to start a petition to make them change their name!. (I mean what the hell kind of name is that for a baseball team, anyway?)

  • The song And On, on You and Me Both, made me cry. Not a girlie "oh-i-love-this-song" cry, but a very sad cry... and

  • I cried when they split (yeah, I've always been a crier)

  • The first time I heard Erasure I had to pull the car over because I thought Yaz had gotten back together. I called the college radio station and had a lengthy talk with the DJ who sent me the promo 12" single of Who Needs Love Like That because we connected over our love of Yaz.
That's all that comes to mind now... more as I have flashbacks!


  1. Oh, Dede, that makes my day! (just another wonderful thing about you)