Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In T minus 17 hours I will be crossing off one of the biggest items on my bucket list. I have been to so many concerts and live shows, but in all my life I could never get my path aligned to cross with a Blondie concert. Debbie Harry has been an Idol of mine since before I could grasp the concept of idolization. The music of the group Blondie has been in my life for, what seems like, forever and I can not think of a week since 1976 that I went without listening to Blondie or the iconic voice of Deborah Harry. This is huge to me!

As a boy, in a relatively small town, in WV, I used to search magazines at the local newsstand for pictures of the group hanging out in New York. I used to sit and try to dream up ways to get to the city to worm my way into to CBGB's or Andy Warhol's The Factory to become a part of the scene. Life happened, as it does, and I never made it to NY or to a Blondie concert.

When I go back and look at the old pictures I cut out and saved, I can only imagine what it would have been like at that time. Rock-n-Roll history was being made and I wonder if I would have realized it? Did the people in the crowd have any idea? Chances are I would have just been caught up in the moment, as I always am, and the next day the show would have been just a great memory.

That being said, I know Wednesday night will come and go. By Thursday morning, it will all seemed to have happened too fast. But, until then, I know that I will toss and turn and not be able to sleep tonight. I know that I will be nervous, excited and feel dizzy for most of the day Wednesday. I know that I will listen to the band with rapt attention from the first note, to the very last encore. Having seats in the front row, center, I know that if Debbie's eyes catch mine during the show I will go crazy. Chances are I will embarrass William once or twice as well by dancing, screaming and possibly becoming emotional when they play one of my faves live.

I know that I missed the opportunity to witness Blondie making history, but tomorrow evening will be one of the biggest nights in my history. And I will cherish every moment of it.

Thanks William for making it happen.

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  1. When i was a kid i wasn't allowed to listen to any secular music. i had an older half-sister from my mom's first marriage, and because of her outside parent she had a lot more privileges then I did. Music was one of them. She used to funnel me her records to listen to. The first one I loved was The Best Of Blondie. I loved every track, but I remember playing Rip Her To Shreds over and over and over.I got older, I moved out, and i became a true FAN. Debbie became a symbol to me for everything I wanted to be and for just how far I had already come. She also haunted me in positive ways. A great love of my life, in Pittsburgh, was a tremendous fan... my brother and i enjoyed them together and he wore a ratty Blondie tshirt every day for almost a year... one of my dearest friends met me while i was wearing MY Blondie tshirt and it was an instant bonding point. Friday will be my fourth Blondie show (I've also seen Debbie solo once). It keeps getting better and better with age. POG is an AMAZING album, a perfect compliment to the other eight. I get to compare notes with a dear friend on his show on my birthday and i get to share this show with my best friend. All in all, it's pretty much perfect.